www.Indigofeedback.com – Win $500 – Indigo Survey

www.Indigofeedback.com – Are you a reader, or are you the person who favors books over movies? Then you must know about the Indigo.


www.Indigofeedback.com – Win $500 – Indigo Survey

Indigo is the biggest book chain in Canada, merchandising Toys, home decors, stationery, and gifts. And if you are a regular visitor of indigo and made any purchase, there is an excellent opportunity for you to win a $500 gift card.

Yes, you examine it right, you have the fortune to gain such a huge amount of reward. In order to get the reward, you have to first participate in Indigo guest satisfaction.

The company has created a survey to know about customer’s satisfaction level for the goods and services they are providing.


If you relish shopping in Indigo store or you freshly visited there, then share your shopping experience with a company, inform them about your order and the quality of it, share your views on store environment, staff nature, and the management.

Indigo itself needs to know regarding your experience and how much you are content with their product and service so that they could develop and update things accordingly.

Indigo doesn’t want their consumers to suffer, they want to make sure that every customer visits their store will have the pleasantest time until they step out of the store,

Indigo has value for the customers and their demand and desire that’s why they are leading a survey demanding customers feedback and their wants and need.

Bestow your genuine feedback, If you didn’t get the appropriate service at the store, express your dissatisfaction in the survey, and if you had a very pleasant time, handled very well by the store’s staff, show your gratitude as well.

Furnish your honest opinion about the product because honesty is the key, your candid opinion will be really useful for the company in order to promote the service and products.

So, in this article, you will know some rules and regulations as well as prerequisites that you must understand before participating in a survey.

I have comprised all the necessary details by taking references for the company’s authentic websites www.Indigofeedback.com.

About www.Indigofeedback.com

Indigo is the most extensive book chain in Canada, operating its store in almost every province of the country. Indigo has a big online market, trading thousands of books, home decor, toys, stationery, and gifts.

In the year 2018, the company got a huge turnover exceeding CAD 1 billion. As per the 2017 data,

The company was operating 86 superstore under the banner chapters and 123 small stores under the banner coles, Indigo spirit, and the book company.


The company was endowed by CEO Heather Reisman In the year of 1996, Heather got married to the CEO of Onex Corporation, Gerry Schwartz.

Initially, the company’s first store was named Indigo books, music, and more, built at Burlington, Ontario in 1997.


Rules and Regulations

  • To participate in this IndiGo guest satisfaction survey, your age should be 18 years old or above.
  • The survey is prepared in French and English language, so I hope you have a basic understanding of either one language
  • You will need an anodic gadget like a computer, tablet, or smart phone to participate in this survey. It would be great if you have a good, strong internet connection, it helps you in finishing a survey smoothly.
  • The Indigo purchase receipt will be required when you start taking the survey and also check whether the Survey code is printed on the receipt or not
  • The prize cannot be transferred into cash or any other alternative. It’s non-tradable and non-trasferable.
  • Make sure you have a valid email id so that company can notify you of the survey prize update.
  • Indigo employees, their immediate family members, Indigo staff, agent Directors are not eligible for the survey.
  • Each participant will get only one chance per one receipt
  • If you understood all the rules and regulations completely then let’s move forward and understand the entire online procedure of the survey.

How to Participate in a Survey?

  1. Visit the official website of Indigo,www.Indigofeedback.com.
  2. Now, enter your location and choose the preferred language.
  3. Now inform them whether your purchase anything or not
  4. Now, you need to enter some details like the purpose of the visit, date and time of your visit. Refer to your purchase receipt for accurate details.
  5. Click on the Next button
  6. Now there will be several questions related to your last visit to the store.
  7. Now rate your general Satisfaction level based on your latest visit to the Indigo store.
  8. You have to rate on a scale of satisfied to dissatisfied
  9. You will find most of the questions related to your visit and order, the staff’s helping nature, cleanliness, Indigo prize, Indigo location, etc.
  10. Now give your contact information such as name, address, Contact details, email address..
  11. Now submit the survey, you will get the validation code that you have to redeem at the Indigo store to get a discount.



I wish you like the article as I have attempted my best to present to you all the possible information concerning the Survey. This survey is the best opportunity to share your feedback as well as Winning an exciting reward.

Whatever you feel about the indigo and their products, share it on survey Platform and let the company know about your wants and needs so that they could treat your well with more exciting goods and services.

I hope you will take part in a survey and I wish you good luck with the reward.

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