– Win $500 Cash – Tell The Bell Survey – Survey is conducted by Taco Bell. This fast-food giant influences its large number of customers to be part of the world’s most-participated feedback survey. – Win $500 Cash – Tell The Bell Survey

This online survey purposes to enrich the quality of its outlets, and develop skills to serve more customers with excellent food items.

Taco Bell is a famous America-based fast-food restaurant chain that provides the customer with the largest varieties of fast-food items like tacos, novelty, nachos, and burritos. Taco Bell was formed by Gleen Bell.

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Glenn has started his first venture at the age of 23. He initially opened a hotdog stand in 1946. After that, Glenn has merged his hotdog stand with many popular hotels.

In 1962, Gleen Bell has introduced the brand, named it ‘Taco Bell’. He primarily started the brand from California. He had opened over three hundred restaurants in 1970.

With this, he made further success to reach out to more and more customers.

PepsiCo has purchased Taco Bell – the ‘Dream Project of Gleen Bell’ in 1978. Nowadays, PepsiCo runs Taco Bell’s fast-food restaurant chain.

Today this well-known fast-food restaurant chain is running its venture across seven thousand locations globally.

TelltheBell Feedback

Taco Bell provides exclusive Tex- Mexican food with tacos to their customers, which is the main attraction of the brand. Taco Bell earns its customer satisfaction by serving the best quality fast-food items.

It has able to reach over three billion fast food lovers yearly. It became popular by hiring first-ever female managers to run their fast-food restaurants.

If you are a frequent visitor in its outlet, you must be eager to rate services by participating in its online survey.

This brand allows customers’ to share their experiences about the restaurant by answering some questions throughout the survey and win cash prizes.

This online survey is considered to be a key factor for Taco Bell to hold the first position in the fast-food restaurant chain.

They’ve even earned high customer preferences by offering excellent customer-centric services and better quality fast-food items.

TellTheBell – Taco Bell’s Online Survey

Taco Bell runs customer response surveys online to gather their customer’s reactions to their services. The brand uses customer’s feedback to upgrade their service quality and suggestions from fast food seekers.

All the participants should remember some important points before taking the online survey, which is as given below:-

  • participants should be above eighteen years old to take this customer satisfaction survey,
  • participants will not be allowed without an invoice of the brand with the survey code,
  • participants cannot appear more than one time in this survey,
  • participants are not allowed to leave the survey in the half-way, or will be disqualified,
  • participants will be required to complete this customer satisfaction survey at the single entry itself,
  • if participants will leave the survey half-way, they can start once again with another invoice number.

Necessities to Take the Online Survey

It is essential to follow some of the conditions to take part in the survey and get cash prizes. The procedures are as follows –

  • participants’ must have either a desktop/laptop or smartphone with an internet connection,
  • a purchase or invoice receipt,
  • purchased receipt with a sixteen-digit survey code printed,
  • its particular shop number,
  • purchase invoice with the exact date and time.

Also, your eagerness to support the brand is the primary thing you need to consider ahead of taking part in the survey.

TellTheBell – Step by Step Guide

After getting the knowledge of their online survey participation rules, permitted norms, and essentialities, your next objective should be to start and complete the survey appropriately as a winner.

If you make any mistake during the survey, you can be disqualified. Once again you can start with a new invoice number. To avoid the risk, you need to follow the below steps –

  • firstly, you need to have a laptop/ desktop, or smart devices with an internet connection to log in,
  • open the web browser on your device,
  • you need to go to, and tap ‘go’ in the address space.
  • now, enter your 16 digits survey code (mentioned in your purchase receipt),
  • enter the shop number, date, and time of your last visit to its restaurant, which matches information with your purchase receipts,
  • after you are done with the required steps, you have to tick on the pop-up startbutton,
  • after you have started the survey, multiple-choice questions will be appeared one-after-another on your screen and you’ll have to answer all of them honestly,
  • once you have completed the question-answer steps, its official website will show you links to get free entry into sweepstakes,
  • after you are done with the survey sweepstakes you have chances to win gift cards worth five hundred dollars.

TellTheBell Survey in Other Nations

  • TellTheBell Australia:From its Australian sites, Taco Bell has received enormous support. So, its online customer satisfaction survey is open for Australian shoppers.
  • TellTheBell Canada:Canadians also participate in Taco Bell’s customer-based survey to earn cash prizes or gift cards. They always share their honest feedback about the brand.

Steps to Locate Your Nearest Taco Bell Restaurant

To smartly locate your nearest restaurant, you need to go with the following steps-

  • at first, visit their official website at,
  • then tap “locations” option from the menu,
  • after that, a new web page will appear,
  • now, maps will show and right-above it will be “search zip” and “ city”,
  • you’ll need to enter your “zip code’’ to find your nearest restaurant,
  • after you’ve entered your zip code, it will show all the nearest restaurants from your location.

To be specific, every success comes through proper planning and applying the same as there no short-cuts to achieve success. Taco Bell has followed the same rules.

It has started venture by providing quality fast-food items with one restaurant and now they run more than seven thousands of fast-food outlets globally.

At present, more reach to customers by serving quality fast-food dishes with excellent services is the aim of the brand.

At the end of this piece, let’s hope that all information about the brand and the online survey is properly mentioned.

In case you remain screwed up about its online survey rules and regulations, feel free to ask in the comment section below or comment with its customer care support for more possible help.

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