– Get Free Chicken – KFC Survey – All know about KFC, known for its fried portions of chicken. Moreover, KFc is the second largest grocery chain in the world to distribute its restaurants in more than 130 different countries to little more than 20000 in all. – Get Free Chicken – KFC Survey

KFC Success Story has started with Mr. Colonel Sanders, who opened a highway restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky, serving fried chickens.

In Utah, his first restaurant calling it the fried Kentucky, he knows the promise of the food center industries. Upon tremendous growth and reputation, he sold the company to investors who now have a million-dollar business. survey:

As per “consumer is the king’s quotation” KFC began to analyze the customer satisfaction or interaction and gain an understanding of the need for each customer to conclude their visit at a later date.

In this survey the customer will give honest feedback to the KFC store concerning operation, employees, quality of food, behavior of the personnel, etc.

In exchange, KFC receives many free coupons, rewards, offers and ratings of their operation. Customers can use this voucher to get discounts or free services on their next KFC visit.

Requirements of My KFC experience:

  1. For purchasing encrypted survey file, KFC receipt is included in it.
  2. Internet access system needed. Network accessibility.
  3. Only one survey is allowed per receipt.
  4. For a duration of use just 14 days, the validation code is accurate.
  5. Only those residing in United States are liable.
  6. Coupon code is used only for free food without alternative.

Stepwise procedure:

There is a separate process to conduct a Kentucky fried chicken online customer satisfaction survey as shown below:

  1. Visit the official KFC portal at the beginning.
  2. You can see the sample receipt start page.
  3. Instructions are given.
  4. Enter the code for the sample.
  5. This takes you to the list of your questions.
  6. Respond frankly to every one of them.
  7. Score every question, too.
  8. And give details that have been asked.
  9. The code shown in the frame.
  10. Remember the particular code.

Mykfcexperience Survey code:

Mykfcexperience is a KFC restaurant poll. Survey code is nothing, except that there are several digits in that particular number. What is open to its clients via restaurant.

At the time of online survey, the customer must enter a specific code which constitutes a survey code that is presented and printed on receipt of a recent KFC purchase. The validity of this document only lasts 14 days.

Survey code is the connection between the restaurants and their clients. Survey code is like a string that firmly links two different parties.

It helps restaurants to get to know different aspects, such as needs of customers, satisfactions, feedback, opinions, requirements and improves them accordingly.

While online restaurant surveying offers clients stable network connections, survey code.


As Kentucky fried chicken is most famous for its chicken servings and is popular.

They conduct Mykfcexperience survey to get to know customers which code is required when submitting online form survey code that is printed on the KFC receipt for purchase.

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